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There are over 160 volunteer drivers between the ages of 22 and 89 who deliver the meals using their own cars and gas.  The volunteers come from all walks of life: individuals, couples, retirees, and stay at home parents.

The nurses who complete the client intakes, the officers and the Board of Directors also volunteer their services.

There is a group of office volunteers who help with duties such as diet slip delivery, route coordination, and special mailings. 



We only have 3 part time paid staff member in the office. 



Our clients are the elderly or disabled who, due to immobility and isolation, are unable to prepare their own meals.  There is no minimum age requirement.  Referrals are made by doctors, social service agencies, hospitals, neighbors, family members or clients themselves.

Prior to coming onto the program a nurse volunteer will visit the home to collect pertinent information regarding the client’s condition, evaluate the need, learn the optimum means for the delivery volunteers to gain access to the home, etc.

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