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Contact our office by calling (631) 689-7070  Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 am and 1:30 pm. 

The office staff will obtain basic information, answer any questions that you may have and verify that the client lives in our service area.

Then a Registered Nurse will visit the client in their home and complete the needed intake application.  The nurse will also obtain the client’s dietary needs.  Often other family members are present during that visit but it is not required.

The meal recipient must be home to receive the meal.  Meals will not be left outside the door.  Food left unprotected or unrefrigerated can be dangerous.  We comply with Health Department regulations for safe food handling. 


Two meals are delivered each day, a hot meal to be eaten at the time of delivery and a cold meal for the evening.  Meals are delivered 5 days per week Monday thru Friday.  


$7.50 per day

$37.50 per week

$150-187.50 per month

Additional subsidies are available based on the client’s financial need.

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